A Capacity Management product with streamlined workflows for efficient operational capacity management across all RAN technologies and major vendors.

  • Meet capacity demands of exponential data growth 
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX through equipment optimisation, time savings and elimination of congestion
  • Standardised just-in-time capacity management processes with minimum triggered capacity upgrade increments
  • Maximise return on investment with network efficiency
  • Manage traffic across technology layers

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Corporate Customer 

"Perfect the Network around your high value corporate customers"   

  • Provide a premium network solution
  • Prioritise network management for corporate customer
  • Attract & retain high-value customers
  • Manage high value customer's experience on your network



Network Awareness 

"Gain insights into customer segments and their unique requirements"

  • Bring Customer Experience Management to RAN Capacity Management
  • Deliver targeted service experience
  • Uncover deep insights into how customer behaviour impacts your network resources
  • Justify how to spread your investment between customer segments